Mar 27, 2008

March Madness Scavenger Hunt

Come play this week to win wonderful handcrafted items in a variety of media. Discover some great new artists and have fun along the way! You must be an Etsy member to win, both buyers and sellers are welcome! No purchase is necessary to win. Members of the Artists of Color Team are not eligible to win.

How to play:

Visit each of the participating E.A.O.C. shops below and look through the pictures in their shop listings (recent sold items included). Some shops will contain one picture of a "letter" hiding in one of their shop listings. Search through the participating shops and jot down the "letter" and the name of the shop you have found the letter in.
After you have found all of the letters (15 total), then unscramble them to complete a word. When you think you have solved the puzzle, please convo ( with your entry and your name, if you are correct your name will go into a drawing to win the prize basket. (Only one entry per member.)

What's the prize?

Everything has been handcrafted by member artists. From the top going clockwise:

Reversible headband by Callidora
Golden crocheted earrings by Bklyn MOMOs
Kiwi magnolia soap and satin cream by The Ivory Magnolia
4 Blank Floral Design Handcrafted Cards by Handcrafted by LaMar
Earrings and heart pendant by Marcia Palmer
Spring poker chip magnet by Ginger Lime
Coin earrings in a tin by Satin Doll Co.
Mother of pearl coin earrings by Jamilary
Snap clutch by Urbanknit
Small mosaic votive by Mosaics by AH

Contest ends at 12 midnight EST, March 31st. All correct entries will be entered into a drawing and the winner will be selected at random and announced on Tuesday, April 1st. The lucky winner will be contacted by ‘convo’ on Etsy and the results will be posted in the forums and on our team blog.

Good Luck!

List of participating shops:

Mar 26, 2008

My First...

I have done it!

Like standing on the highest mountain and screaming down into the clouds, I have done it.
I have done my first Craft Show!

The Phenomenal Women Group Special Announcement
Phenom Madeline Smith's First Annual

'Harness the Oprah In You'
Saturday, March 22, 2008
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Boys & Girls High School
1700 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, New York 11221

Yes it was a show mostly for and dedicated to the power and business-ship of women, but I was fortunate to get in and I did. So I did as many cards as I could, be it that I just finished one of my biggest orders ever and had gotten sick mid-week and only had 2-3 days to finish 150+ cards for the show. I ended up only bringing 88 cards, but it was great.

The feeling of being amongst other sellers and the public at my table complimenting my work.
For a moment I was teary eyed but the money helped change them tears to smiles. Theres nothing better then the thought and action of working for yourself and having people say,
'You have great talent and your work is wonderful.'

So, yes you can look for me to be out hitting the circuits when and wherever I can.

Mar 12, 2008

Featured Artist of the week...

I have the pleasure of gracing my blog with another one of Etsy's best; Leslie of

She enjoys bringing unique clay charms & pendants to her loyal customers.

"I do whatever inspires me, I*m currently in school to be a pastry chef & it crept into my work on etsy.", says Leslie.

Inspired by a lot of things, Leslie loves to sit down working on her craft as she rocks to her ipod and falls into my own little world.

Feel free to take a look around her shop & if you'd like to see something that isn't there, she loves custom orders! Friendly and easy to talk to, feel free to send an e-mail or a convo her at anytime.

Thanks Leslie!

She does have some remarkable items listed in her store, delicious charms that look so edible. Thats the uniqueness of it all. Visit her today and get a charm so unique you'll make them jealous!

Mar 10, 2008

Artist of the MONTH? Fitdeaf

Well, I received such great comments and off line compliments of last months Artist of the MONTH, I figured why not bring more great features and post of great handcrafted artist and handcrafted or hand made buyers to the blog.

So tonight, 8:37pm (est), I am bringing Shannon Reese an aspiring "jane-of-all-trades" in the creative industry of jewelry-making to scrap booking to card-making, to Crafted by Hand for all my readers.

Shannon Reese has always been fascinated with the endless possibilities one can do with simple things such as metal or paper. People have complimented her on her talents and ability to transform plain things to beautiful, meaningful memories.

"Assembled items are no fun as opposed to handmade items.", says Shannon.

When she's not stressing out at work as a mental health therapist, she likes to sit and work on her scrapbooks, create cards with stamps and ribbons along with beading bracelets/necklaces/earrings for her friends and loved ones.

"I know when I make something such as a necklace--its unique and has my 'trademark' on it where no one else can replicate it.", says Shannon.

Shannon Reese is deaf and has been so since birth, but doesn't let a disability like that deter her from doing anything she sets her mind to.

She tells me, "I love because I can find so many unique things and I often get compliments from my friends as to where I got this and that. Stores out there do not recognize the talent as much as people here on etsy do. And to know that its all handmade makes it even more special because they pour their heart/soul into the products."

When I contacted Shannon of her winning the Handcrafted by LaMar FREE Card give-a-way , she was so thrilled to have won and with her hopes of joining the Etsy team in her near future she hopes to learn from the etsy folks!

Before leaving Shannon had this to say,"Artists/buyers/sellers on ROCK!!!"

Thanks Shannon and the truth is 'you rock'. This is why I love to do handcrafted cards, to inspire and improve social expression... I like to help or be a part of that which touched a life.

Handcrafted by LaMar FREE Card give-a-way, February Winners!

Again I have been blessed to be accepted amongst my peers as great artist and creator. For the year of 2008 I have decided I will give as much as I would like to receive from the world, so I created this promo; Handcrafted by LaMar FREE Card give-a-way. This promo is/was intended to create a buzz of my craft but has turned out to bring my much joy and pride. That is because I feel the best social expression one can have or show is through a greeting card.

So for the month of February our 2 lucky winners are
Fitdeaf (Smile)

and Unique Charm (Birthday Martini).

Easter Bunny is Hunting, Are You?

Easter is coming and the Easter Bunny has brought the best quality handcrafted greeting cards for everyone in your circle of friends and family to Handcrafted by LaMar.

You will find the best prices and the cheapest shipping on the web.

I have cards for that friend that may need a reminder that he/she is special.
Cards for your lover and that special someone that says you love them that much.
I have cards for every moment in life, New Mothers, Mothers, Friends, and Lovers.

Also look for the other great Promotions I have to offer and take advantage now.
Why pay more in the store and get the same boring card they had last year when you can get a handcrafted card for less with FREE personalization and cheap shipping?

You will never see prices this low anywhere else on the web with quality handcrafted cards like this. So don’t miss out, ORDER your cards TODAY!!

Happy Easter and don’t forget Mothers Day is around the corner, so stay tuned for more great handcrafted cards from ‘Your Online Card Shop’!!!

Visit and order your Cards NOW!!

Mar 4, 2008

Artist of the MONTH: Jayna Janelle (JJCrochet)

This month I have the pleasure of featuring Jayna Janelle and her Etsy shop, JJCrochet. JJCrochet is a wonderful shop that specializes in hand-crochet accessories for women, men and children, with items such as hats, boleros, slippers, headbands and much more.

Janya tells me her story begins in August 2003 the summer before her freshman year of high school and "Like most freshman girls, I spent my summer months crocheting. Okay, so maybe I was a little weird."
By the end of the summer, she had hats piled on dressers, overflowing in shopping bags, and stored in bins under her bed. Having already given her friends as many hats as they could ever wear, she knew something had to be done.
So one day, at the age of 14, she announced to her parents that she wanted to start a crochet business. Two days later, her mom came home with bags full of yarn and three days later, her dad handed her the hosting for a domain name he purchased for her, (the “JJ” comes from her name: Jayna Janelle which to her kind of rhymed with crochet).
Since the day she decided to turn her craft into a business and of the helping hands of her parents, Jayna has been audited twice by the IRS (at 16 years old), spent days at outdoor craft fairs huddled in booths in 25 degree weather, even getting lost trying to drive to craft shows by herself.
Looking back Jayna tells me, "She wouldn’t trade the experience for anything".

Now a freshman in college (majoring in what else, but entrepreneurship!), she has found that she is more inspired than ever. Her new friends, new places, new environments, and new ideas all go into the hats she crochets. The only problem she seems to face now a days, is forcing herself to study instead of giving into my passion.
Jayna is surrounded by supportive friends and roommates who completely understand all the yarn stashed in their dorm room.
"One great thing about living on a college campus is that there are models for JJCrochet hats right down the hall!", says Jayna.
She has recently started designing and selling crochet patterns, and loves her newest design: 'Versatile Newsboy Cap/Hat' with a flower which is available in her Etsy Shop –

Jayna says, "I am thankful that instead of having to work at a grocery store like my peers, I got the opportunity to do what I love most: crochet. While I don’t see myself toting my wares around to craft shows or selling my hats online for the rest of my life, one thing is certain: I will never, ever stop crocheting. I mean c’mon – it’s supposed to lower your blood pressure, right?"

Well that is a great story and the reason why we should always follow our dreams, even if it is for a moment, because you never know what can happen...
Thank You Jayna!
Look for next months Artist of the MONTH!!