Jan 30, 2008

Handcrafted by LaMar FREE card give-a-way

I am proud to announce that we are doing well on and off line. So we have created a promo to keep you (the customer) interested and checking for new and coming cards.
As I have mentioned before I am committed to improving and inspiring social expression and change through paper greetings.
So I thought, how is the best way to do this?
FREE give-a-ways!!!
To be a part of this phenomenon all you have to do is visit Handcrafted by LaMar and look through the shop and select as many items as you like and give that item a heart. You will then be automatically entered into the drawing to receive that item for FREE. Please read the rules and conditions below.

Rules and Conditions

To win Handcrafted by LaMar's FREE card give-a-way:

1) You must visit Handcrafted by LaMar, browse the shop and heart any item(s) you like.
*By giving an item a heart your name is place in a lottery that draws at the end of the month (you may heart as many items as you like).

2) Two names are picked every month and contacted on the first of the following month of their winnings. You will be contacted by email or convo. If you do not respond within 2 days of me contacting you your FREE card will be forfeited.

3) You can not win twice in a month, but your name remains in the lottery for the next months drawing.

4) If you are selected/picked as a winner your card is FREE, but shipping fees are applied and must be paid before your card is sent out.
*If you chose not to pay the shipping fees then your winnings will be forfeited and another name will be drawn.

This promo is running for the entire year and the best part is, you get a great handcrafted card for FREE...


Leslie said...

i love your shop!!! I*ll be dropping in to buy all my occasion cards from you. they're cute & they're affordable!!

Jayna said...

I'm so happy I won your giveaway! You do beautiful work and I'm excited to receive your card. Thank you so much!!

Anonymous said...

I love your shop and hope I win too!!!

speedouga said...

I'm sooo thrilled to have won the card I hearted!!! its so beautiful!