Jan 30, 2008

The welcoming mat...

First I would like to say hello to all that have taken a moment to look at my blog and visit my shop, 'Handcrafted by LaMar'. This blog was created to provide a look into my craft/industry and to share a little of myself. Also to announce sales and promos I will be offering in my shop every month. I will also announce winners from lottery drawings and all contest I will also be having in my shop.
My name is LaMar Lynch, 30 something, born and raised in NYC and have a deep driven love for art, poetry and drawing. With these handcrafted cards I am committed to inspiring and improving social expression and change.

My first card design was, 'Kiss of Love', a drawing I made for the love of my life. When I gave her the art she asked me a question and my reply was, 'Loving you is like kissing you for the first time every time.' This image was some of my best work, I guess because it meant so much to me. So when I decided that the best way to share my works with others I thought greeting cards and this became my first card and I figured it to be my break through design.
I spent time thinking what the card should say and did all the research nessecary on new ideas, trends and cards. As most know e-cards have been a breaking through for the last couple of years but nothing beats giving a paper card to someone to say that you are worth it all. So I thought hard and then it came to me, why not share the complete idea with the world?

So the inside of the card reads:
'Loving you is like kissing you for the first time.'

This same 8.5x11 card I sell in my shop, 'Handcrafted by LaMar', with rhinestone attachments on her necklace and earrings.

There are many more great cards like the one above and many more I will feature and share with you here on my blog.

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Anonymous said...

I love your shop and your prices are great. You should have a store I cab walk into but I think you just made a online buyer now because your products are great and do you a lot for less.