Dec 31, 2008

Wedding Bells Give-a-way WINNERS!!

Thank You so much for playing with me and visiting my blog.
Today I have picked some winners! YES! some WINNER!
I decided to do the drawing a little different this time. What I did was use set the parameters to the first date of the first post up to the last date, 4 lines and got my numbers...

The dates that were selected were 11th, 13th, 15th and the 6th.

I then looked at all the names that posted on that date. Now if you posted on that date and your name is not listed it is because you did not leave a email or way of contact as stated in the rules:
-Your comment should include your name and a way to reach you should you win, like an email, or link to a social network anything... (don't be Anonymous!)
and the name of the item or the URL to it.

So the WINNERS are:
Knot Sew Shabby said...
I love Such cute stuff!!! Thanks for doing a give a way!!! Feel free to come enter our give a way!I can be reached by convo at www.KnotSewShabby.etsy.comThanks again and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!
December 15, 2008 8:55 PM

tiff said...
oh the flower note cards are so pretty!texan_michael(AT)yahoo(DOT)com
December 13, 2008 6:46 AM

Dana said...
Oh, married hearts in pink would be great for a bridal
December 13, 2008 12:22 AM

sarah said...
you make one of the most gorgeous cards i've ever seen. i really like the "with love on your special day" birthday card!fertawert AT yahoo DOT com
December 11, 2008 10:23 PM

rosannepm said...
NOELs 12 Days of Christmas Holiday Greeting Cards are my
December 11, 2008 12:23 AM

Congratulations to all and again Thank You for playing....

Dec 15, 2008

2009 the Year of giving...

Hey, has 2008 been good to you?
Have you been good to 2008?
Well if not then 2009 is the year to change it all.

This year I will start a Give Back Campaign!

First on the agenda is Refer a Friend:
Here what happens is when someone refers a friend and that friends buys 2 cards, you get 50% off any item in my boutique. If they buy the cards 1 at a time then you get 25% each time they buy a card. *(More Details to come when the year begins) This is called my Gold Friends Reward Deal.

Then I will also offer the Silver Friends Reward Deal, in which if you refer a friend to my boutique and they buy 1 card you get You get 1 card FREE (card must be of equal or lesser value). YES, totally FREE! FREE card, FREE shipping, FREE! *(More Details to come when the year begins)

Also this coming year I will begin a Give a Card Program (GCP).
This program was inspired by which I found by mistake one day researching the web. I read their mission and was so touched and wanted to be apart of it. Unfortunatley they closed shop before I can help make a difference. So this year I will start my own programme which I will donate cards every month and funds to select organizations and families. I will search these families from Social Services and churches. I will select families in true need. Families who have children and can not afford food everyday, clothing, toys, birthday parties etc... I will also like to gather donations, but will more likely take funds from each purchase to donate to hospitals and childrens homes, homeless, families and more.

My last pitch for 2009 is a focous group.
I would like to build a community of people who are willing and able to communicate on the products I create as well as the products of fellow artist. At the end of every session I will give away a FREE card or set of cards to no more then 5 people.

These are just a few ideas for the 2009 season!
I will realy hope you will be a part of it.

Dec 10, 2008

A New Idea!

I read an article in this interesting magazine a few days ago, "The Advertiser!" (the magazines title). It mentioned how big name companies improved products and sale through online focous groups to a clear picture of what the consumer was thinking. Naturally I thought, hey what a brillant idea and why aren't I doing that?

I mean like, I can make or design a new card and before I post/list/sell it on and/or off line, I can bring it to the people (communnity) and have discussions or conversations about the new card or design.

But then a thought hit me!

What would make people want to come and talk about my cards?
So I said why not! It gives a community of people a voice and say in the type of item/product they would buy and the sense of owner ship when the card is complete/revamped and produced. Also to make it even better, a hand full of partcipatants from the community will get that card for free each time.Anyway so what do you think of this idea?

Dec 3, 2008

Wedding Bells Give a Way!

The rules, conditions and regulations:
-You must browse my shop on -
-You will see all my items and find that one special itemyou feel you would just love to have
-You will then come back to this post and leave a comment, your comment is your entry.
Only one comment per person, duplicate entries will be discarded.
-Your comment should include your name and a way to reach you should you win, like an email, or link to a social network anything... (don't be Anonymous!)
and the name of the item or the URL to it.
The Drawing will be December 31st
Have fun and play nice!

The Prize Finder - UK Competitions

Dec 2, 2008

Fall Back Tuesday...

I have done it again!

For BLACK Friday I put my entire line of cards on SALE for the whole weekend.

Then came Cyber Monday and I continued to mark down prices.

Well today is no big HOLIDAY or SALE bonanza day but I say why the heck not....

So, I decided to deem this day FALL BACK Tuesday! and if you hurry you can still make it to the great card sale of the year on the web...

Cyber Monday 2 day SALE!!!
Monday (Dec 1) to Tuesday (Dec 2

BUY 2 Cards Get 1 Card FREE

BUY any Card Set get FREE SHIPPING
plus Half Off any Card, Mini Card Set or Tag Set already marked down!

All cards have been marked down 30 to 60% OFF.
All SALE items and pages are marked with this icon:

is on this page....

To order please use the special Order Form Page. Shipping is already included and be sure to list the name/item number of the FREE card of your choice or your order will be delayed.

New Blog idea....

I read an interesting article yesterday on my way home from work in a magazine called; The Advertiser! It mentioned how big name companies improved products and sale through online focous groups (to learn more check out my other blog Your Small Biz Talk this week).

So I thought, hey what a brillant idea...
I mean like to make or design a new card and before I post/list/sell it on and/or off line to bring to the people (communnity) to have a deep discussion on it-like color scheme, pattern, design and name it, we talk it up.

But then a thought hit me! What would make anyone want to come and talk about my cards?
So I said why not! It gives a community of people a voice and say in the type of item/product they would buy and the sense of owner ship when the card is complete/revamped and produced. Also to make it even better, a hand full of partcipatants from the community will get that card for free each time.

Anyway so what do you think of this idea?

Something Old, Something New, Something RED?

Something Old: Thank You Note Cards!
Something New: New to the blog and its a Fresh New Design!
Something RED: Doesn't everyone love roses?

Nov 20, 2008

My 7 steps to successful selling online...

First and foremost remember this is just my thoughts, process and opinion. I stand by this post because I have done this for myself and have 120 sales (from January 2008 to date) and 498 hearts all from my Etsy Shop. An official website which has had over $100 in sales within 2 months (from craft show patrons), other offline sales which have totaled over $400, 3 successful craft shows under my belt and orders from people who have heard of my cards by word of mouth.

Becoming a successful seller is not a secret (although sometimes luck and good fortune can help) its tons of hard work. This in short is what I did to get this far:

1. I did tons of research before I made my first card. This was so I knew what I was getting into and the potential of the business/industry I was entering if everything went well.

2. I began crafting and designing my cards. Always using the opinions of friends and family like a focous group when it came to color, wording, design and style. It was important to know why the card worked and didnt work (why they liked it and/or did not like it).

3. Exposure-the first step. The only way to get noticed and seen. I searched for different online selling avenues and found one I felt was best for me and what I wanted to accomplish with this business.

4. Exposure-the next step. I told everyone I knew about my products, friends, family and even some strangers in my area (also known as: promote, promote, promote). I did the adword thingy with google and yahoo. I began blogging as you see and listed my cards on Craigs List, and a few other FREE classified advertising sites. I joined network groups like My Space, Facebook, Ning (there many different groups there to join), Flickr, Indiepublic...basically anywhere they would let me in, I got in. LOL.

5. I never made myself comfortable or satisfied with just a few designs. I kept trying to improve my product (cards/designs), pictures and overall appearance of my online boutique and business. If I felt one card had a good feel with the public, I tried to duplicate it with color, size and a new look and theme. As you would see in my boutiques many of my cards have a similar if not the same layout with different colors and/or embellishments.

6. I try to never be negative, because every pitfall has an up-side somewhere. If I am faced with a lack of sales, I immediately say I have to promote some more. I also use that time to hit the field (friends, family, shows and stores) to show them and remind them , 'Hey I have these great cards...dont you think you need one?' And now with my new boutique and the ability to do newsletters I try to reach old customers. A blog is not too bad either.

7. Finally...I always try to think business and act business. I believe if you think you can, one day you will. So whether its slow times or not I am always on the computer searching for new ways to get seen: New selling ports. Consignment deals. How to get into local stores? Whats new out there? What are people looking for (color, design, themes)? What new type of embellishments can I use? I am always working and thinking of how to get to the next level. I never sit around...

Some people have products/ideas that may out shine yours but if you want it and work hard for it you can have what they have or get to where they are. Nothing just happens overnnight.

Also enjoy what you do, because if you dont no one enjoy it for you!

Nov 16, 2008

Your Neighborhood SUPER HERO...

This web slinging super hero can be found in Handcrafted by LaMar boutique for a limited time.

Spider-man Birthday Wishes

Nov 13, 2008

A Good (crafts) Man is Hard to Find.... part 1

This is more a vent then anything else, but I promise not to drag it along...

I am a 31 year old male who lives with his 2 year old child and mother (the child's mother). I have always had this idea of being rich, but then again I guess we all did when we were kids. Long story short I got into the fashion industry and when I thought I was gonna bust out and take over I was fired...So for a whole year I was unemployed and at that moment decided I will try my hand at running an online business. I found a place where I can sell my hand made cards (, stay home, enjoy my sons growing pains (LOL) and make a little money all at the same time.

Now thing here is that my sons mother knew the plan when I was fired. She knew I was not going to look for a new job so I can try to get this business dream off the ground. With unemployment sending me a small and meaningless check each week, my cards online, I needed very little financially. But as time grew she became more a monster. Complaining all the time that, shes tired and shes this and shes that. Now don't get me wrong I understood because I had a full time job and worked long and hard, but doesn't a man deserve some time too? I mean I have a very energetic 1 and half year old running 'round the house like crazy, bathe him and get him to bed. Why cant I get the night to do my craft?

Well flash forward to present time...
After a year of being home and hearing her nagging in my ear I decided it was time to go back to work. The business didn't take off the way I hoped! So now I am working again which is great because after a 3 month dry spell of no sales money got tight and its hard to fund a business with hopes and dreams. So I got a part-time job which is cool because ultimately it gave me time to still craft and now my son, 2 years old, goes to a Early Head Start Program.

OK so now my days are like;
Wake up 730am get child dressed and out by 8 am.
830 to 1030 am I network, post, adjust, blog and maybe craft a little before leaving for work.
Noon to 4 pm I am at work, networking, researching and blogging.

But all that glitters is far from gold because once again the ugly beast has shown her face.
"O I am so tired." "I feel sick..." "I this..." "I that..." "can you take him?"
All this time I am wondering what about me. I mean yeah you work 9 to 5 and I only 12 to 4 but hey I get tired, I feel sick, I want some peace of mind too, but I put it on the back burner so I can try this business thing and make something better for us in the future.

All I am saying is a MAN is hard to find now a days!
But a GOOD CRAFTSMEN is even harder to find!

Nov 12, 2008

Coffee and Friends, Friends and Coffee

Note card size Friendship card. Coffee and Friends always go good together.

Mini Snow Flake Greeting Card Set

3 great Christmas Mini Cards stamped with From our family to yours...

Friday one day SUPER SALE!!!

This Friday the 14th of November Handcrafted by LaMar wants to bring in the Holidays Early with a one day Super Friday Sale...
Every card in my shop will be on sale...
All Cards go on sale 12 am Friday November 14th for $2.

Yes $2 a card!! (shipping fees still apply).

Holiday Cards $2 with Special Holiday Shipping Fee of 75 cents. (Buy 10 or and get an even sweeter deal)§ion_id=5499905

Holiday Tags $2.75 with Special Holiday Shipping Fee of 75 cents.§ion_id=5499905

Card Sets are 15% off total purchase cost (this includes shipping fee).§ion_id=5283767

Even order a custom designed card and pay $3 only with FREE Shipping.

Please come see what I have for you.

*If there is a card that has already been sold contact me and lets try to get you that card...Plus new designs and cards will be listed by then and that same day... 12 am Friday to 11:59 pm

Bringing in the HOLIDAYS Early is the best way to go!

Sep 1, 2008

Heres a new Christmas Card

I have been working hard this past week making new cards for a craft show coming real soon.

Heres just one of the great piece of works that was constructed
during this week of labor crafting...
You will be able to see this card and many more at

Aug 19, 2008

Animal Rescue card set part2

Handcrafted by LaMar Helps Animal Rescue...

I was contracted to do a set of cards for an
Animal Rescue Group in Canada.
Here are the results:

Aug 12, 2008

Shops New Mission Statement...

A customer is the most important visitor on our premises.
He/She is not dependent on us, we depend on him/her.
He/She is no outsider in my business but a part of it!
I am not doing him/her a favor by serving him/her
but he/she is doing me a favor
by giving me the opportunity to do so...

This is something I seen in a Doctors office the other day and it made think of my little shop on etsy and what I am trying to do with my craft. I think it says a lot of appreciation one has for just 1 sale, 1 customer...Look for this to become my new seal.

Custom Made

I had a request the other day from a new customer...a card for a family member graduating from the Coast Guard Reserves. So like all ideas and projects I jumped on it and crated this sample:

What do you think?

Aug 6, 2008

My First ACEO

I have long thought about and considered making one of these
so much talked about cards and this morning an Etsy friend suggested I try it out.

So here in its original form is my paradigm of

Jul 27, 2008

New Christmas ART...

I have a knack for art especially hand drawn art of the comic type, if that makes any sense...
Anyway for this Christmas season I am planning to put my little bit of artistic talent to work and hope it helps me propel my business of making and selling cards...

So Here are my 2 newest drawings for you to see before they enter my web store:

1. This is Miss Nude Christmas Claus...

2. For the children or shall I simply say for the family fun visitors:

Hey let me know what you think...

Jul 19, 2008

Business Card Etiquette

This new post is something I found in 'Business Week SmallBIZ' June/July 2008 issue
by Amy S. Choi that I wanted to share with everyone...

In the US, how you desing and present your business cards is an idiosyncratic, casual affair. But overseas, a simple exchange of cards can become an etiquette disaster, warns Neil Payne, founder of Kwintessential, a cross-cultural communications consultant in London. Here's how to avoid a blunder. -Amy S. Choi

Your card must indicate status, although the actual exchange of cards will be casual.
Your card should clearly state the year your company was founded and your title.
"Eastern Europeans are very into hierarchy", says Payne.
Using lucky colors such as red and gold plays nicely.
In a show of deference, give and receive cards with both hands and a slight bow.
Take time to comment on the card, and don't write on it

or shove it into a pocket-put it carefully into a card case.
Education is important in India, so highlight your alma mater (if applicable)
and any education honors earned. After shaking hands, use your right hand to exchange cards.

Jul 11, 2008

Birthdays come and go...
With this Pink Sorbet Cupcake Birthday Card,
I am sure this will be the one they remember.
This card is a great keepsake with hand drawn art
(cup cake and confetti), pink and brown sorbet stripe paper and white polyester ribbon...
Card will be available soon at,
Handcrafted by LaMar

Jul 10, 2008

Roses are RED...

Coming Soon to my shop- Handcrafted by LaMar
the Thinking of you Collection and this is the first preview of great things to come.
Always remember I do FREE Personalization and the front of any card or note card can be changed to suit/fit whatever occasion or thought you may have...
Come visit me NOW...

Are you ready for Christmas?

Heres a sneak peak at what Handcrafted by LaMar has to offer
for this coming Christmas Season...
Find these 2 great new designs
on SALE in my shop- Handcrafted by LaMar this month

A Towel Cake

This is the newest design I have created for you to enjoy,
A Towel Cake
A great wedding, birthday, anniversary gift
or for someone who just moved-as a house warming present.
This 3 tier Towel Cake has Cotton towels
and will be on SALE soon in my shop- Handcrafted by LaMar
on for $85. So watch out, plus there are more to come...

Jul 1, 2008

Flowers bloom in June! Give-a-way winners are...

Well this Give-a-way Contest was a bigger blast then last months...
Again to let you know, I use Random Integer Generator (
to find my winners.

So this months 2 lucky winners get '4 Card Daisy Collection Set'

And the winners are:

First winner- sphinx63 whose comment was:

I like the pink and brown Happy Birthday cards best! Thanks!

Second winner- Ginny whose comment was:

I love the Child Teddy Bear N Cake Happy Birthday Note Card, I also really like that Hulk card, lol. I have girls though so I picked the Teddy bear as my fav :)I would like to congratulate the two winners and Thank them for participating in my give-a-way this month. To the other 90+ entries I would like to say Thank You for participating and please do not be a stranger to Crafted by Hand or Handcrafted by LaMar , because there is a give-a-way on the 16th of every month and you can still have a chance to win. Plus there are different selections of gifts/prizes every time...

*Also, I would like to extend to every entry, 25% OFF any purchase in my shop using Promo Code: blg-06008 (just enter this into the message to seller and you will receive a refund ASAP or you can contact me first and I will adjust the price before you pay).

Again Thank You to everyone that has participated
and hope to see you again next month and/or in my shop...

Jun 24, 2008

Lets Make a Card... HOW-TO (part 1)

Someone told me that I should share my craft IQ/knowledge with others in a HOW-TO post
and I always thought, 'How in the world do I do that when I create off sheer feeling and intuition?' Well, I came up with a card that would be great to do with you...
Please remember this is the first time I ever did a HOW-TO so please bear with me. Also this HOW-TO will be split into 2 posts.

This is my 2 Fold Flap Heart-n-Key Lovers Card.
This was one of the very first cards I ever created, but due to some the difficulty and design of this card I never tried to sell it.

So today I have decided to do this card over
and would love for you to join me.

Now the first thing I usually do is create a sketch of what I want to create. This helps my visualization, and dynamic size and layout concept of the card. Sometimes I color the sketch (not a must) but adding a sketch of the types of embellishments I would like on the card are.

So after I sketch is done I get my supplies together.

From the sketch and idea
you have created, you will know what you need to actually put your card together,
but for this card we will need:

3-Red LOVE printed Ribbon
4-Paper score and fold tool
5-Outlined shape of heart (unless you have great hand skills to freely draw the heart)
6-Antique Gold Keys
7-Red and Black Dye Based Ink
8-Heart rubber stamps
9-Tacky glue and Glue dots
10-12" Ruler
11-8.5"X11" white card stock paper

Our first step is to start from the ground up. In other words, we must create/construct the foundation which in this case is our white 8.5X11 card stock paper which will be the actual card.
*For this card I used white card stock, but you can use what ever color you like.
Now to give this card 2 flaps that open up from the center, we need to know our measurements and to be equal on all sides like a square.
So we want to take 3" from the width of the paper which will leave us with 5.5"X11".
*I did this because if you divide the paper in half you get
4.25X5.5, and remember we want a square shaped card.
A square has 4 equal sides so 4.25X5.5 is a little off.
After you cut the paper check always check it against a ruler to be sure you have the right height, length and width. Now we can get ready to score our paper equally on both sides...

*Always use your ruler to measure and be sure you are on target.
(NOTE: You do not have to print on your card,
but if you want to print on your card,
you need to understand your printers
page set up to get the print in the center)

We need to score our paper the same amount on both sides. Remember we already cut 3" off the width leaving us with 5.5", so it becomes easier to make the entire card into a square with sides that will measure 5.5"X5.5".
Before we commit to our score,
we must first do some math...
11" minus 5.5" equals 5.5"
This means our flaps should add up to 5.5"
Now we need to figure out what is half of 5.5"? It is 2.75"
Each flap now becomes 2.75" wide by 5.5" high.
So we can score our paper 2.75" on the left and right.

Our next step is to trace and cut out our heart.

*Again paper is your choice, but for this card I used red heart embossed card stock. You may want to match your paper with a different color if you did not use white card stock as I did.

After you have cut out your heart, you want to get ready to cut your red LOVE print grosgrain ribbon. The ribbon you will cut to 5.5" and put on the flap of your choice. This time I have put the ribbon on the right side flap a 1/4" away from the edge of the card. You will use your tacky glue to attach the ribbon.
*PLEASE NOTE, you do not have to use this same ribbon.
You may want to use a different color or texture with print or no print.

Now we are gonna attach our heart to the right side flap. To do this we can use either our tacky glue or glue dots. The glue dots are idealistic to give your heart a 3D affect (it raises the heart above the card stock surface). No matter which you decide to use, remember you are only using half the heart to attach to the card stock. Use the flap edge as a ruler to measure precise split of the heart.

This is how your card should look thus far. -Card should be able to open and close with no problem.
-Heart should be split in half, so it looks like it is on both sides.
-Ribbon should be straight and a 1/4" away from the edge.
-Card should measure 5.5" width and 5.5" long (length).

Thanks for being here with me today!
In my next post we will finish the outside and in side of this card.
So please check back here often to see part 2 of

Please feel free to post comments and questions
and I will try to get to all of them for the next post (part2 of 'Lets Make a Card')

Jun 16, 2008

FREE Give-a-way Contest-Come and PLAY! (CLOSED)7/1/08

-The rules, conditions and regulations:
-You must browse my shop on -
-You will see all my items and find that one special item
you feel you would just love to have FREE of ALL COST!
-You will then come back to this post and leave a comment, your comment is your entry.
Only one comment per person, duplicate entries will be discarded.
-Your comment should include your name and a way to reach you should you win
(don't be Anonymous!) and the name of the item in my shop-which is
or the URL to it.

Last months Give-a-way was a total blast and there were 2, yes, 2 lucky winners.
Sent by Beat Black on June 10, 2008:
"I just got your card and I LOVE it!
It looks so good and I already know who I'm giving it to on their birthday,
although its going to be tough to let go of. I'm diggin' the new blog
appearance. Its so fresh and makes the colour in your cards really stand out."
Thank you LaMar :)

The second winner had her card sent directly to her Father-in-law,
so we will have to wait to see to what he has to say about it (lets keep our fingers crossed)....

So for this months 'Flowers Bloom in June Give-a-way, I have decided to give-a-way not 1 card, but this entire 4 card set to one lucky blogger...

Here is a break down of this card set so you know exactly what you are getting:

This 5"x7" card is blank inside and out, and never has been seen before. This is my 'Daisy's -n- My Window', with vellum paper, polyester satin petals and rhinestone attachment, this is a great card for any occasion this Spring/Summer.

-For this card, 'Yellow Daisy's', I used yellow to represent
JOY, Friendship, Care and Promise-as said in
"Morrison Gardens 2006-Color of Roses and Flowers".

-For this card, 'Orange Daisy's', I went orange to show Desire and Enthusiasm....
So both these cards are great friends, and family members..

This card is one of my favorites. 5"x7" blank inside with vellum translucent paper and daisy petal w/rhinestone attachments and the word SMILE on the front...This is a great card for Birthdays and any other special moment of life.
I like it the most because it's motivating;
"No matter what, SMILE..."

Jun 13, 2008

What are Friends!

This 5"x7", purple with Augusta Green stamped insert card stock with lime green print layered upon white card stock and matching lime green polyester ribbon, card is great for that friend you always know you can count on and has been there for you when you needed them.

'happiness is having a friend by your side.'

A friend is hard to find
and when you find a great one,
you cherish them because most times
they get lost in the wind.

This card 4"x5" note card has that fabric print look with chocolate/pink 'Dashes Dots and Checks' polyester ribbon and fabric stitched card stock insert that reads,
"a friend is the greatest gift"

And with this last design, you should know that a good friend is more then just a 'gift', a true friend is FOREVER...
Hey what do you think of friends? How much do you appreciate your friend(s)? And do you let them know?

Well now we know what friends are for...
So why let let them know we know and that we care?

as for me, my best friend is my wife and child...
and I let them know I love them everyday!

Jun 11, 2008

Note Cards

Note Cards?
When I think Note Card(s) I think of a small card I can write a note or short message. So I comprised a bunch of great prints (designed card stock paper) and placed them on 4"x5" white card stock with matching polyester ribbon, small card stock inserts with rhinestone attachments and stamped it, 'Thinking of you'.

With just this simple text on the front and a blank inside these Note Cards are great for you to have stashed away in your dresser draw or desk for when those special moments come along...

This collection will soon be available in my shop, 'Handcrafted by LaMar' called the "Note Card Set Collection".