May 18, 2010

New Spider-Man Design for your little superhero...

I have done a few super hero designs before, like these 2 classic HULK cards:

and this Spider-Man card:

Custom Star Wars card:

but this weekend while I sat there going through all my print and card stock, I thought of this:

May 17, 2010

A Work in Progress...

Just did this over the weekend...
I was looking to use the Happy Birthday print but in a fun Summery way.
So, its a 4x5 white, orange and yellow card stock layered with blue Happy Birthday print.
Card is not done but will be available soon @

May 6, 2010

Listed and re-listed...

One of the best designs I have made last, sold a few last year online,
in craft shows and again this year on

May 5, 2010

Mother's Day...

Mother's Day is right around the corner...

Have you gotten mother a gift, a card or made those reservations to treat her for day?

If not you need to get to it.

This year I plan to romance my fiancee'. A little slow music (some of her fav tunes) while I feed her crab and lobster and maybe a little wine-gotta let her get her buzz on (lol). Then for the evening I will run her a bath with all the trimmings-bubbles, candles and a little music. After all that is said and done I will give her that back rub she been asking for the last 2 weeks (lol).

Mother's are very special and none of would be here today or have any part of our legacy to carry on our name(s) if it weren't for them, so lets celebrate Mother's all around the world by being the best to the one next to you...

What do you have planned? or What would you like to have planned?
What would you like him to do for you? And men, what do plan to do for her?

Mar 19, 2010

Easter Basket...

Easter Greetings from Handcrafted by LaMar, with this great note card (4x5 inches) blank inside so you can write your own Easter message. Stripes on beige card stock and raised insert with a wonderful Easter basket....

Mar 18, 2010

Easter is coming soon...

A set of 4 Easter purple with glitter pastel color dots on 4x5 inches card stock. Circle white card stock with pink dye edges and Easter Bunny embellishments. This set comes with four purple envelopes. A great set for this Easter, with white card stock inside so you can write your own message.

Mar 17, 2010

A new start...My new Business Plan!

I have been away from my craft for a while and have to decided to start over from scratch. One of the first things I did was re-do my business plan. After being in business for 4 years and only selling hand made cards for 2, I wanted to re-establish myself and my business so ensure the next 3 years are better then today...

So here is the start of my business plan, tell me what you think:

Handcrafted by LaMar is a start up company that begun operations in June 2006 under the name DAJaHSI Greetings. It has established a presence on, an online selling venue for handmade arts and crafts as well as through local craft fairs and shows. Our consumer base, are women, who purchase approximately 90% of all greeting cards bought today. For this reason Handcrafted by LaMar will target small local boutiques, specialty stores, salons, florist and gift shops, craft shows and fairs in the New York area as well as along the east coast. At this time, we are continuing to build our online presence and seek placement in several boutiques within the immediate area.

Executive Summary
In 2006 DAJaHSI Greetings, founded by La-Mar D Lynch, sought to use poetry and art to comfort, inspire, celebrate and communicate to millions through social expressions (greeting cards). The company then began to acquire images from freelance artist nationwide for mass print and resale. After further research into the greeting card industry, it found it better to create cards that would stand apart from the traditional computer generated mass printed greeting card(s). The company immediately shifted its focus to creating and designing cards that are handcrafted/hand made, personalized, and unique, changing its name from DAJaHSI Greetings to Handcrafted by LaMar.
The company offers a collection of hand made greeting cards for every occasion. Handcrafted by LaMar is dedicated to developing social expressions that comfort, inspire, celebrate and communicate a range of emotions to millions of people. Our objective is to create handcrafted greeting cards with great care, quality, originality, and uniqueness for every occasion. We are committed to creating an exceptional product, as it is a reflection of our name and philosophy.
The greeting card industry has a constant and continual need for alternative designs, being one of our culture’s traditional tool of communication and expression, touching the lives of millions everyday. The message, greeting and/or versus causes the consumer to buy the card, but it’s the design of that attracts them. 90% of card buyers are female and with American households receiving approximately, 30-35 cards per year. Despite the constant use of internet, sending emails, text messaging and e-cards, the majority still prefer the old-fashioned handwritten letter or card to truly make someone feel special.

Our objective is to create handcrafted greeting cards with great care, quality, originality, and uniqueness for every occasion.

Our mission is to create hand made cards which create memory’s, comfort, inspire, celebrate and communicate a range of emotions to millions of people, with each card being designed, stamped, cut, and assembled by hand, no machine, staying true to the moniker - ‘handcrafted’.

“Don’t just send a card. Send your LOVE!”

Company Name
Handcrafted by LaMar

Legal Title and Legal Business Form
In 2006, La-Mar D Lynch started DAJaHSI Greetings and obtained an EIN number and filed as a sole proprietorship in accordance with government rules and regulations of operating a business in the state of New York. After further research of the greeting card industry and the decision to change direction, we plan to change the current business structure to a limited liability company (LLC), as Handcrafted by LaMar.

Management Summary
Handcrafted by LaMar’s management team currently consists of a CEO/Owner, designer and a Director of Product Design. The CEO/Owner currently oversees all the day to day affairs-research, product development and design, advertising and financial analysis.

La-Mar D. Lynch, CEO/Owner, Designer
Stephanie H. Smith, Director of Product Design

CEO/Owner, La-Mar D. Lynch, a 32-year-old father of four wonderful children currently lives in Nyack, NY and works as a Customer Service Representative II (CSRII) for REGUS Management, an executive suites company. He is a current member of the Policy Council of Head Start of Nyack, NY, and an active member of the NewNew York Street team (a group of crafters from NY and CT). La-Mar has always been creative, at a young age drawing and creating superhero characters and writing poetry. Scrapbooking and card making became a part of his life in the past four years when he decided he wanted more out of life not just for himself but for his children by using his talent(s) to start a business. The first card he created was hand drawn image of a man and woman about to kiss with a heart background, on white 8.5” by 5.5” (folded) cardstock that was hand painted and had rhinestone embellishments. He then began to create hand made cards for family and friends to enjoy and with their support
and encouragement he knew it was time to embark upon a new adventure. He started his business in 2006 naming it after his children, using the first two letters of their name - Darius, Jahsique and Siarra - DAJaHSI Greetings. He later joined, an online selling venue for handmade arts and crafts, did local craft shows and fairs in the Hudson Valley and New York City areas and became a member of various social networks of crafters and small business owners.

The day-to-day affairs are managed by La-Mar, who has management experience as a previous Jackie Rogers, a couture-clothing designer, as a Production Manager and through his current employment with REGUS Management Group as a Customer Service Representative/ Operations Manager Trainee. His day to day includes shipping and receiving, updating the company website and blog, processing orders, following up on invoices, inquiries and client request, following leads, advertising, marketing, design and customer satisfaction.
There are currently only two members of Handcrafted by LaMar’s management team. Ownership of the business is not evenly distributed throughout the team.

CEO/Owner, La-Mar D. Lynch will maintain 90% ownership of the business, as he is responsible for the funding and growth of the business. The day–to–day activities of the business are overseen by La-Mar, which include marinating inventory, locating retailers and distributors within the New York State area and along the East Coast, the management of the finances, and sales, advertising and basic operation of the business. Being the only designer, he will be responsible for designing and creating the product line.

Director of Product Design, Stephanie H. Smith, will maintain 10% of the business as her main contribution and initial business will only involve creative product design input and card greetings, versus’ and/or messages. Stephanie H. Smith is a Special Education Coordinator/Teacher at The Charter School of Excellence in Yonkers, N.Y. who graduated from New Paltz University, New Paltz, NY in December 2003 and is currently seeking her Masters in Educational Leadership at St. Thomas Aquinas College, Sparkill, NY. Stephanie has an excellent eye for grammar, writing and critical–thinking, as well as, excellent organizational and management skills. As a Special Education Coordinator/Teacher and working towards her Masters in Education Leadership, Stephanie has gained experience in leadership, team experience, which has helped to develop her organizational ability in order to maintain a sense of balance.

Handcrafted by LaMar has used the services of Accountant/CPA, The Tax Man - David Goldring, to file all taxes (sales and income). It will also hire the service of Teressa Smith to oversee its bookkeeping and/or financial records. Handcrafted by LaMar will hire legal assistance to help it transition from sole proprietor to Limited Liability Company and file proper documents for operating a business in the state of New York.
La-Mar and Stephanie will initially be the sole members and contributors of the design team. Handcrafted by LaMar will continually improve its product line, offering different variations of intricate and embellished designs, photographed and graphic pattern designs. Freelance sales reps, artist and writers will be hired as necessary, based upon the growth, development and expansion of the company and/or the need for additional inventory.

Make a wish...

Fun Candle Birthday Design on 5x7 white card stock layered with a red card stock and a candle print design paper. I layered blue and red card stock through the middle of the card and added a raised black, red and white insert stamped with Happy Birthday.

Martini Birthday Cards

Card is 5x7 white card stock with Martini glass print on olive color background. Layered red card stock wrapped with black grosgrain ribbon, raised matching olive, black and white insert stamped with Happy Birthday.