May 5, 2010

Mother's Day...

Mother's Day is right around the corner...

Have you gotten mother a gift, a card or made those reservations to treat her for day?

If not you need to get to it.

This year I plan to romance my fiancee'. A little slow music (some of her fav tunes) while I feed her crab and lobster and maybe a little wine-gotta let her get her buzz on (lol). Then for the evening I will run her a bath with all the trimmings-bubbles, candles and a little music. After all that is said and done I will give her that back rub she been asking for the last 2 weeks (lol).

Mother's are very special and none of would be here today or have any part of our legacy to carry on our name(s) if it weren't for them, so lets celebrate Mother's all around the world by being the best to the one next to you...

What do you have planned? or What would you like to have planned?
What would you like him to do for you? And men, what do plan to do for her?

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