Jan 29, 2009

Card Club Membership Q/A...

To join the club is easy!
We are offering 3 membership packages:
GOLD Memberships
SILVER Memberships
BRONZE Memberships

With every membership you get a card(s) sent to you or any receipant of your choice every month on the same date you join the CLUB.


GOLD Status:

As a GOLD CardClub Member you will get 3 cards mailed to you or any recpeiant of your choice every month for 12 months. Your cards will be sent the same day every month, which is the day that you signed up for your membership.

Other GOLD CardClub Membership Features:

  • One FREE Card the day you sign up for membership.
  • Besides FREE Personalization on all cards, you get 45% off any set of cards currently available in our shop.
  • 15% off any CUSTOM Card Request.
  • FREE Shipping of all cards shipped Worldwide.


Silver Status:

As a Silver CardClub Member you get 2 cards mailed to you or any recpeiant of your choice every month for 6 months. Your cards will be sent the same day every month, which is the day that you signed up for your membership.

Other Silver CardClub Membership Features:

  • Besides FREE Personalization you get 25% off any card set currently available in our shop.
  • FREE Shipping of all cards shipped Worldwide for the first 3 months of your membership.


Bronze Status:

As a Bronze CardClub Member you get 2 cards mailed to you or any recpeiant of your choice every month for 6 months. Your cards will be sent the same day every month, which is the day that you signed up for your membership.

Other Bronze CardClub Membership Features:

  • For just being a member you get 35% off any card ordered outside of your regular card sent every month.
  • FREE Personalization.



OTHER CardClub Questions

How do I order or select my cards?

To order or select your card(s) is easy. Visit our shop and click the CardClub tab. Here you will fill in the information and in the message area you will enter the name of the card(s) you want and the your membership number, which will be giving to you 2 to 24 hours after you have completed the sign up process via email.

Do I pick or will you pick the Cards?

You can browse our online boutique and pick any 2 cards you want and you still get FREE PERSONALIZATION on both cards.

How are the cards shipped?

All Cards are shipped via U.S.P.S. First Class Mail, so it is important you select/pick your card allowing enough time for shipping. All our cards are packaged in cellophane plastic for protection with matching envelop and in clear plastic boxes for all card sets.

How will I be able to track my orders?

Tracking your order and status of membership will be done by our internal system which will email you each time your request for a card is received. You will receive an email updating you of how many cards you have left to order for the duration of your membership, how many you have already received, and shipping will be tracked with USPS mailing conformation tracking numbers. If there a problem were to occur you will be able to email us or contact us by phone during regular business hours 6 days a week.

Jan 25, 2009

Valentine's Day: LOVE is for SUCKERS Card...

This card is for mature audiences only...
I found the image of cupid surfing the web for a design/image for my official sites home page,
when I came across the image of cupid shot by the very arrow he carries...
I had to laugh to tell the truth, and thats when that light bulb flashed on in my head.
I thought what a cool card this would be.
So I had to do it.
This is basically like my rough draft,
raw with no words on the cover or inside.
So let me know what you think!!

Jan 23, 2009

Greeting Card History...Valentines Day!

I really felt the need to share a bit of my craft's or industry history with you today.
Valentine's Day is coming soon, Saturday, February 14, 2009.

Tradition holds that the first Valentine was sent in 270 A.D. by St. Valentine on the eve of his execution for refusing to renounce Christianity. He sent a note to his jailers blind daughter for bringing him food and delivering messages during his incarceration, which he always signed "from your Valentine."

The Romans celebrated St Valentine's Day as the Feast of Lupercalia, dedicated to the pastoral god Lupercus and to the Goddess of LOVE, Juno.

The Christian Church denounced these 'love lotteries' as pagan rituals. During the Middle Ages love lotteries persisted in France as "chance boxes" that allotted couples one year to get married or part ways. In England, men wore the name of the woman/girl they drew on their sleeves encircled with a heart... Now we know where that tattoo came from...

Written Valentines appeared in the year 1400, often giving anonymously. By the 1700's the verse "roses are red, violets are blue..." became very popular and by the 1850's the French began to design their Valentines cards with glitter paper, ribbons, lace and other intricate embellishments... Handcrafted Cards... *hint* hint*

The first Valentines in America were exchanged during the Revolutionary days and were mostly handmade. In 1840, Miss Esther Howland, an imaginative artist and entrepreneur, became the first regular publisher of valentines in the United States, eventually heading her own publishing company that specialized in Valentine's Day Cards.

See how far back greeting cards go?
See why card makers like me love to make handcrafted/handmade cards?

Become a follower and see more fun interesting greeting card history facts
as Holidays and special events/dates come up this year...

Jan 19, 2009

Barack Obama...

Inauguration Day is January 20, 2009

and commemorate the History made by the unanimous voice of the people,

I am showcasing these...

Wonderful paintings done by AJ of Storm One,

Part of a new series of portraits of our newly elected


Barack Obama

The portraits were painted with

watercolors, gouache, acrylic paint, ink, paint stick and

pencil on heavy Arches cold press watercolor paper.

The paintings measure 10"x16" unframed and

are mailed flat in acid free vellum with a protective card board backing.

Shipped in a waterproof mailer.

The paintings are $70 dollars each.

Find these and other great works by AJ at STORM ONE...

Jan 12, 2009

the 2009 Artist of Color Monthly Showcase and Gift Guide...

Finally here for 2009
a group of wonderful and talented artist and crafters in one place.
This year I will Showcase a variety of artist
whose products make for great keepsakes and gifts for friends and family alike.

Every week I will showcase a different artist,
a new creationwith brief description of the work.
There will be new themes every month.
So stick around because I am sure there will be something
showcased here that will excite your palate.

Jan 2, 2009

Whats New for 2009?

Happy New Year every one.
I hope you enjoyed the Holidays...

I enjoyed spending time with family and the so needed break from the nine to five and the crafting, but no matter what I couldn't get mind off the business... I have formulated a new plan for 2009. A plan to market my crafts in more places, create new designs, add more products and to start a gift guide/showcase plus so much more. I will start a Greesting Card Club called 'the Cards by LaMar Club' (CLC), a program called the Give a Card Program and more great ideas...

For 2009 mymain goal is to continue blogging and creating better handcrafted designs that will make you say wow...

So stay with me and lets enjoy 2009!