Sep 12, 2009

2 years in business and still growing...

I too have been with Etsy for 2 years (September 2007) I have learned sooooo much it was like going back to school...

I made goals and reached many of them:
last year said I wanted 100 sales and got it. Also said how I wish to get 500 hearts and got close before the end of the year. Now I am at 177 sales (working to get 200) and almost 700 hearts.

I thought I'd share are a few things I have learned and some things that I do that you might want to do too:

1. Ask and you will receive.
One day I asked myself why of all the other great card makers a buyer choose me . So I asked and got back such great info. I ask after the sale or when I informed the buyer the item was being shipped.

2. Start a mailing list.
Did this as well but only on my website and only have about 167 or so. Still working on it, trying to increase my following.

3. Blog, Twitter, Fan Page.
I have a blog... bad thing is I am the worse blogger because I do not always blog when and the way I should.
I tweet...just to keep up with the JONES....
Facebook? of course I do. I keep up with old friends and I do not do the separate personal and business page. I like to let people know I am human and think its ok to show that side. Though I have had a slip up here and there but my purpose is to let ppl know I am normal.

4. Always do your research.
This I found to be a must if this is a business to you. You need to check out your competition and changes in your material and new ideas...

5. Try out other venues.
This is very important. Look in the real world all businesses try new venues or states and or areas. I am apart of at least 5 other venues in which 2 have made me sales. The others keep in sight of the people. I also do craft shows.

6. Jump at your chances!
I have took many chances with consignment deals. I also work with artist in other states as to sending my work there and them sending their work to me. You have to take chances, thats almost the name of the game.

7. Never be satisfied.
Because you can always improve. Work on your techniques, your descriptions, your tags, your profile, and your photos! I'm always working on better ways to make things or how I can make something but be more time efficient.
Not much more to add to that....

8. Take time off.
Make sure you give yourself time away from your business. Take a day off and spend it with family, do something fun, cook up a storm, or whatever you enjoy. All work and no play makes for a dull life.
Couldnt say it better then that