Dec 10, 2008

A New Idea!

I read an article in this interesting magazine a few days ago, "The Advertiser!" (the magazines title). It mentioned how big name companies improved products and sale through online focous groups to a clear picture of what the consumer was thinking. Naturally I thought, hey what a brillant idea and why aren't I doing that?

I mean like, I can make or design a new card and before I post/list/sell it on and/or off line, I can bring it to the people (communnity) and have discussions or conversations about the new card or design.

But then a thought hit me!

What would make people want to come and talk about my cards?
So I said why not! It gives a community of people a voice and say in the type of item/product they would buy and the sense of owner ship when the card is complete/revamped and produced. Also to make it even better, a hand full of partcipatants from the community will get that card for free each time.Anyway so what do you think of this idea?

1 comment:

TLCSays said...

Sounds like a good idea. Feedback is always good. Sometimes I think I have a great idea and it doesn't sell. Other times, I make things as an afterthought or to use up materials and they sell like hotcakes!