Mar 10, 2008

Artist of the MONTH? Fitdeaf

Well, I received such great comments and off line compliments of last months Artist of the MONTH, I figured why not bring more great features and post of great handcrafted artist and handcrafted or hand made buyers to the blog.

So tonight, 8:37pm (est), I am bringing Shannon Reese an aspiring "jane-of-all-trades" in the creative industry of jewelry-making to scrap booking to card-making, to Crafted by Hand for all my readers.

Shannon Reese has always been fascinated with the endless possibilities one can do with simple things such as metal or paper. People have complimented her on her talents and ability to transform plain things to beautiful, meaningful memories.

"Assembled items are no fun as opposed to handmade items.", says Shannon.

When she's not stressing out at work as a mental health therapist, she likes to sit and work on her scrapbooks, create cards with stamps and ribbons along with beading bracelets/necklaces/earrings for her friends and loved ones.

"I know when I make something such as a necklace--its unique and has my 'trademark' on it where no one else can replicate it.", says Shannon.

Shannon Reese is deaf and has been so since birth, but doesn't let a disability like that deter her from doing anything she sets her mind to.

She tells me, "I love because I can find so many unique things and I often get compliments from my friends as to where I got this and that. Stores out there do not recognize the talent as much as people here on etsy do. And to know that its all handmade makes it even more special because they pour their heart/soul into the products."

When I contacted Shannon of her winning the Handcrafted by LaMar FREE Card give-a-way , she was so thrilled to have won and with her hopes of joining the Etsy team in her near future she hopes to learn from the etsy folks!

Before leaving Shannon had this to say,"Artists/buyers/sellers on ROCK!!!"

Thanks Shannon and the truth is 'you rock'. This is why I love to do handcrafted cards, to inspire and improve social expression... I like to help or be a part of that which touched a life.

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