Feb 6, 2008

Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

We Marched, protested
Rallied and stood on line.
We fought, contested
Faced reality and made headlines.
We have been hung, beaten
Used and abused.
We have been raped, mistreated
And made into fools.

had a dream!
That one day I can live in peace
and receive my rightful due
like the Jews, for crimes committed
instead of being locked away in rooms
where no lights omitted.

had a dream!
That one day I will be able to go where I please,
sit anywhere on the bus,
'Back or front'.
Enter any establishment and eat.
Use any sink and wash our hands.
Be recognized by society
A proud Black Man
Because Dr Martin Luther King Jr had a dream...

written by La-Mar D. Lynch


Anonymous said...

If a man like Dr. King could dare to dream in the face of brick walls of racism and hatred that stood before him, who am I...who are YOU ..who are WE not to do the same.

Wonderful poem La-Mar. Continue to allow your dreams to lead you.

Sygnet Creations said...

What a beautiful tribute La Mar!!!!