Feb 25, 2008

Thank You Note....

I have been like a worker bee lately. With new designs, off line sales and my newly opened EBay Shop, I've been working hard.
Recently I have done a custom order for a great customer who had this to say:

"They are totally not at all what I expected. These are unbelievably amazing! I was expecting graphic art printed onto card stock." "...Handcrafted doesn't quite express all the effort that's gone into these. Original art, texture. I need to add another post to by blog about them."
Terri Collins
Callidora - a gift of beauty

"Yea! I received my beautiful card yesterday and I am so happy with it. It was prettier than I expected. I admire your talent. You do great work. Thank you."

"FABULOUSLY cute card! I can't get over how big it is! I was surprised and now i'm in love with it! I want to give it to my husband now now now!

Just these few thank yous and compliments have helped me push harder. I have been doing constant 'cold calling', and showing my products to any and everyone who would look. This in turn got me a phone call order to make a few samples for a Baby Shower in April. Excited, I quickly hung up and made 5 samples for the my new customers to see within that week. Needless to say they loved them all,but favored 2 out of 5, and then narrowed it down to one.
(sorry I have not an image of it yet, but I will get it up here soon)
That put a big smile on my face. Many new crafters and even those who have been crafting for a while know this feeling of greatness or the coming to greatness and this is what I am feeling now.

So this post is dedicated to you, all of my customers and loyal supporters... Thank You! for without you I may still be pulling out my hair...(smile) The next step for 'Handcrafted by LaMar' is to offer, more boxed assorted card sets and different holiday gift packages. For the coming Holiday, Easter, we will be offering a 'Easter Basket Gift Package', which will include our newly designed Easter cards, scented candles (for candle burners), and a small bag of assorted candy all in a Chinese carton with Easter decorations and as always at an affordable price. So look out for that.

Again I want to thank every one who has visited my shop, gave me a heart and hearted a few of my items. Look for my new shop coming to ecrater.com, with wholesale prices and DAJaHSI.com, for complete wholesale buys.

Again Thank You!


Bridget said...

your cards are beautiful. I'm on ebay as well as etsy. best of luck with your new ebay store.

Angela said...

Awesome cards and what great feedback you are getting! You should be very very proud of yourself!

Angelalala :-)

The Banner Queen said...

Wonderful cards and great feedback!! You are very talented my dear. ;)

Callooh Callay said...

What lovely tributes! Makes the hard work worthwhile. Congratulations.

Bonghi Vestiti said...

Wonderful! You should do a happy dance :)

HeatherAlexander said...

i love your cards, they tell neat stories through their pictures and bring vivid, warm thoughts to mind

Amy Yang said...

What great feedback! It's always nice to hear that people appreciate your work, isn't it?