Oct 13, 2009

Why I Craft(ed) by Hand...

I always thought if I could do something to hopefully give me offspring/children a better start in life then I had I will do it. Below is my ZION M LYNCH my 3 year old (2 years old int picture).

Reason NUMBER one

They say when you die you cant take money with you... And no you cant buy all the stuff youu think you will need after you die and take that with you either! For that everyone needs someone to enjoy and share life, love and happiness... Below is my future wife Stephanie and my son ZION.

Reason NUMBER two, three, four,five.......so on and so on

whats your reason for crafting? or for whatever it is you do for a living?


cinnamonspice said...

Great question! I craft for a number of reasons, it's very relaxing, almost cathartic for me & I want my children to enjoy creating things with their hands so we do a lot together.

LaMar said...

thats a good reason cinnamonspice... I want my children to be creative with their hands as well