Oct 14, 2009

Merging Blogs

I have struggled for a long with promoting and growing my business. As a small business owner there are many obstacles one must jump through in order to get to where he/her has in mind.

I always wanted to run my own business then turn around and help or assist others do the same as I have. For that matter I started a second blog, "Small Biz Talk" I think it took and took off in the right direction. Sadly though it did become bit more then I could handle, especially with my business growing, craft shows and selling on other venues online.

The end result here? Well I have decide to merge two blogs, bringing the business info I have gathered, learned and posted here to share with all of you. I have also decided to not too business consumed but to also share my self and life with you guys as well. I hope you enjoy the new blog and continue to support HANDCRAFTED ART around the world....