May 21, 2008

The Measure of Success!

I was sitting in front my computer screen trying to figure out what to post on my lonely blog and then it came to me:

'How does one Measure their Success?'
Well for me, I try to sell my cards in as many areas as possible. I have played on the Ebay circuit, did 1 Craft Show and currently sell my goods on I have also sold many cards off line to friends and family. But I sat back and estimated a guess of what I may or may not have made thus far selling my cards compared to what I have spent to make them. And the verdict was...I sure was spending much more then I made! Plus I forgot the shipping and shipping packaging.

But still all and all I found or belive that I have had great success because on my Etsy Shop-'Handcrafted by LaMar' I have had a lot of visitors (158 hearts) and items with 128 views...
Plus the feedback from customers like this one:

5/21/2008 Gale10 says:
"Totally gorgeous card, very very happy with it,
would recommend this seller to all! I will return!"

So for me, I measure my success in the appreciation of my work. By the amounts of people who find themselves admiring my work and the positive feedback from all my great customers.
The best advertisement I was once told was, a great quality product that will speak in volumes...So this I try to bring to the table everyday its time to craft!

What about you? How do you Measure your Success?


Looking Glass Jewels said...

So far, what I have spent on supplies FAR outways what I have sold...I cringe to think of it.

HOWEVER, every single sale, every single heart, and all the positive feedback I have received through my little esty shop makes my heart glow.

It's not about the money, it's the feeling that something I have created is enjoyed by others whom I have never met. It makes me so SO happy and keeps me creating!

As long as I can keep it up, I will feel sucessful! :)

T.Allen-Mercado said...

I currently measure my success in very tiny, gradient degrees. Positive feedback is way up there, immediately followed by sales, hearts and views. But, I also never forget to praise myself. Each new technique in jewelry making, writing, paper crafting, sewing-my latest venture; is part of the journey. There are "many miles to go before I sleep".