Apr 2, 2008

You Make the Promo! the Rules and Regulations...

The rules are:
-there are no rules just regulations.
-Be it that I am a card maker the winner can only get a card, FREE of cost and shipping (USA only, Canada and International residents will have to pay for shipping).
-Also the promo you create should not be hard nor difficult to win and there should only beone winner.
-The contest should be for 1 month and exclusive to this blog only.
-All contestants should post comments only, no emails, convos, etc.

Now for the creation of the promo:
-If you make/create a promo, you can not be a winner of that promo or a contestant (just wouldn't be fair).
-you must enter your promo idea in the comment section
-If your promo is selected you will contacted by before the end of the month and if your promo is picked you can select any item from either of shops for 50% off (card sets included).
Thats $1+ on single cards and $3+ on card sets.
-Your promo can be of anything of substance and directed toward anything. It can be a way to get you exposure or hide and seek... Lets get the creative adventuring spirit flowing...

So lets get to work!
I want you to create the promo for me and have fun. Remember you can not play and win your own game (promo) but you will be able to get any item from either of my shops for 50% off and FREE PERSONALIZATION.

*My shop addresses are found on the right side of the screen under Visit me at...

So lets be creative, lets come up with a great PROMO/CONTEST for a simple card maker!

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