Apr 5, 2008

New creations!

Today I created a card that comes from a design I am currently using. I changed the color of the card and the direction (for a lack of better words) of the style. Now the problem I was faced with and still here looking at the card thinking about is...

What should this card be or what should it say?
What is the theme?

Yeah it has words like love, hope and faith on it but do I really want to push out another LOVE card right now? So , as I sit here wondering what to do with this card I decided to check on a few things. Thats when I noticed, my blog needed some love...So I am here at the keyboard thinking and then hits me, WHY NOT ASK YOU WHAT YOU THINK!

So heres the design:

So what do you think? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think I should do with this card! If I like your idea I will use it and send you the card for FREE (no shipping no nothing just FREE).


Tiana said...

It's hard to think of things other than love, because it is very... red and pink and loveable, but... I'm thinking maybe an encouragement card, something to give a friend to show them you appreciate them or to cheer them up. I'm not sure what message would go with that. 'You're my friend' would be cute. :P

Tiana said...

Actually it also makes me think of something I'd like to send to a friend I don't see enough anymore - an 'I Miss You' card. Everybody has someone they miss.