Oct 19, 2009

Back to the Basics

Hello again...
I first want to apologize to all my faithful followers, readers, bloggers and friends who have read this blog, supported this blog and was to let me know I have fallen off...But like many of you I need advice and help to keep my Small Business afloat. So I did what I hope many of you do when after you've read one of my post, considered the facts and took some advice.
Yes, I took some of the advice I was preaching (cant wait to share that with you all) and most of all I took it 'BACK TO THE BASICS'...
?!Yeah... I needed to go back to the day and time when I first decided to turn making cards into a business. I needed to find that young, fresh off the bench, ready to play game. I needed to re-define my target audience (still a work in progress). I needed to hone in more on my craft instead of just focusing on selling, marketing and showing off my 100 sales (was just doing the same thing over and over).

What I did first?
Like I said I looked deeper into who my audience was. I feel when it comes to handcrafted cards everyone should have one, buy one and/or get one. The truth of the matter was that that wasn't the case. I began to realize that I sold better to those who were throwing parties, doing events, weddings, baby showers, or restaurant owners. I know that sounds like a lot but it really isn't or at least it wasn't. I also took notice that few people bought cards in bulk. Those who did were of what I call my 'higher end' clientele.The next thing to do was to use all resources I could get my hands on. I had my future wife take cards to her job... Did Holiday Cards for her sisters job at a very low price (way low)... My mother took a look book to her job... Even got a few co-workers to buy cards (tons of them too...).The next thing was to redesign the look of the cards. Step outside the box. Use images I would never thought to use before and colors I would never.

What did this do in the long run?
Well I am not at a hundred thousand yet and its still just me at the controls...But it did help with my exposure.It got out there.It got me a few great returns buyers (YAY!).And most of all, it help keep the spirits up when it seemed as the economy was gonna ruin much of everything...Stay tune for the second part of "GETTING BACK TO BASICS"