Aug 10, 2009

Dr Seuss is on the loose, this is true...

A while I back I first introduced our Dr Seuss themed Birthday Invitations with this wonderful 'Everything Seuss' design-click here

We have continued to expand our Seuss line now to include and offer:

and now Thing 1 and Thing 2...
This design is 4x5 on blue card stock, with print image design of the characters. Gift box embellishment and raised 'You're Invited' insert.

This design has rounded edges and is a flat design with full party detail on the back. You can fill in the party info yourself or we can print it for you.

And also our folded version:

This is our traditional 5x7 folded style on red card stock layered with blue and white card stock. Thing 1 & 2 replicas are hand drawn and colored. One is drawn on the white card stock as the secound cut and set as a pop-up.

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