Jun 24, 2009

My Story...

"I started with the dream of being my own boss. Being in control. I never really wanted to be the face of the company though, so my idea was to use my talent and maybe sell it to a company of interest. But then I thought to myself "Am I in total control or am I still just a worker?" So I decided to take my poetic aspirations and artistic skill and make greeting cards. After completing a thorough investigative research, I realized I would need help to make a great break through into the card industry. A 7 billion dollar industry with a lot of competition!

I had my mind set that this was the key. I set up a website and bought a few images from an artist. At this time my cards were only prints. After a few months of trial and error, I realized that the lucrative aspect of this industry was in hand-made cards.

My first card was near and dear to my heart because I made it with the thought of my girlfriend (don't tell her though!). I never sold that card but, hey. My first year actually selling my cards was 2008 on ETSY.com. At the time I was unemployed, collecting unemployment, and trying my best to build this business. I spent hours upon hours on the computer, networking, blogging and chatting with like-minded people. At first, it was actually great, but life moves on, bills won't wait to be paid, and I didn't sell enough to cover my bills and keep going with my dream. So I went back to work.

This time my plan and goal was clear... I wanted to work, get my bills in order, put funds aside to carry the business and a little for myself for life expenses. My goal is to quit my day job within the next year. It's a tough market out there, but I feel many people don't realize how difficult it is to pursue your creative dreams full-time. I hope to create my own niche for marketing, which is making cards for all occasions with a 2 - 3D look, and passionately express the theme of each card."

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