Dec 15, 2008

2009 the Year of giving...

Hey, has 2008 been good to you?
Have you been good to 2008?
Well if not then 2009 is the year to change it all.

This year I will start a Give Back Campaign!

First on the agenda is Refer a Friend:
Here what happens is when someone refers a friend and that friends buys 2 cards, you get 50% off any item in my boutique. If they buy the cards 1 at a time then you get 25% each time they buy a card. *(More Details to come when the year begins) This is called my Gold Friends Reward Deal.

Then I will also offer the Silver Friends Reward Deal, in which if you refer a friend to my boutique and they buy 1 card you get You get 1 card FREE (card must be of equal or lesser value). YES, totally FREE! FREE card, FREE shipping, FREE! *(More Details to come when the year begins)

Also this coming year I will begin a Give a Card Program (GCP).
This program was inspired by which I found by mistake one day researching the web. I read their mission and was so touched and wanted to be apart of it. Unfortunatley they closed shop before I can help make a difference. So this year I will start my own programme which I will donate cards every month and funds to select organizations and families. I will search these families from Social Services and churches. I will select families in true need. Families who have children and can not afford food everyday, clothing, toys, birthday parties etc... I will also like to gather donations, but will more likely take funds from each purchase to donate to hospitals and childrens homes, homeless, families and more.

My last pitch for 2009 is a focous group.
I would like to build a community of people who are willing and able to communicate on the products I create as well as the products of fellow artist. At the end of every session I will give away a FREE card or set of cards to no more then 5 people.

These are just a few ideas for the 2009 season!
I will realy hope you will be a part of it.

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creativesundries said...

A focus group is a good idea. Even if it's "just" trying out ideas w/family and friends!