Nov 13, 2008

A Good (crafts) Man is Hard to Find.... part 1

This is more a vent then anything else, but I promise not to drag it along...

I am a 31 year old male who lives with his 2 year old child and mother (the child's mother). I have always had this idea of being rich, but then again I guess we all did when we were kids. Long story short I got into the fashion industry and when I thought I was gonna bust out and take over I was fired...So for a whole year I was unemployed and at that moment decided I will try my hand at running an online business. I found a place where I can sell my hand made cards (, stay home, enjoy my sons growing pains (LOL) and make a little money all at the same time.

Now thing here is that my sons mother knew the plan when I was fired. She knew I was not going to look for a new job so I can try to get this business dream off the ground. With unemployment sending me a small and meaningless check each week, my cards online, I needed very little financially. But as time grew she became more a monster. Complaining all the time that, shes tired and shes this and shes that. Now don't get me wrong I understood because I had a full time job and worked long and hard, but doesn't a man deserve some time too? I mean I have a very energetic 1 and half year old running 'round the house like crazy, bathe him and get him to bed. Why cant I get the night to do my craft?

Well flash forward to present time...
After a year of being home and hearing her nagging in my ear I decided it was time to go back to work. The business didn't take off the way I hoped! So now I am working again which is great because after a 3 month dry spell of no sales money got tight and its hard to fund a business with hopes and dreams. So I got a part-time job which is cool because ultimately it gave me time to still craft and now my son, 2 years old, goes to a Early Head Start Program.

OK so now my days are like;
Wake up 730am get child dressed and out by 8 am.
830 to 1030 am I network, post, adjust, blog and maybe craft a little before leaving for work.
Noon to 4 pm I am at work, networking, researching and blogging.

But all that glitters is far from gold because once again the ugly beast has shown her face.
"O I am so tired." "I feel sick..." "I this..." "I that..." "can you take him?"
All this time I am wondering what about me. I mean yeah you work 9 to 5 and I only 12 to 4 but hey I get tired, I feel sick, I want some peace of mind too, but I put it on the back burner so I can try this business thing and make something better for us in the future.

All I am saying is a MAN is hard to find now a days!
But a GOOD CRAFTSMEN is even harder to find!


Jen said...

If only the crafts could pay our bills! I hear ya loud and clear! Best of luck to you and way to keep your son as #1!

MichellesCharmWorld said...

Yes, life always gets in the way! My husband understands that the minute he walks in the door he takes over the parenting for at least an hour so that I can catch up on everything :) Then we start dinner together and spend family time and the evenings after everyone is in bed is my time. 3 hours of sleep sometimes makes me a monster, but it's hard work making a business fly! Good luck to you!

esque said...

I say you keep doing your crafts taking care of your son and let the monster be. May be she is jealous that you've found a way to express yourself while she doesn't and so nags at you? In any case, good luck to you!

TLCSays said...

Maybe the monster needs craft therapy! Keep plugging and giving your baby love. We shall persevere :)