Apr 16, 2008

Introducing... BUY NOW! from Crafted by Hand Blog Spot!

I have come up with another way to give and show my appreciation's to all my supporters and customers!

Every time I create a new card I will feature it here at Crafted by Hand and offer it for immediate sale with low cost shipping and at a lower price then it is sold in any of my shops. Unfortunately there will only be a limited amount of the design/card sold each month!

The Buy Now on the side bar is how and where you pay for your card!

I will post a small feature and detail post about the card and pictures. So for this week I am going to offer 2 cards;

The first is Mothers Day Rose: This a great card for Mothers Day from mom to mom, husband to wife, daughter/son to mom... This card is blank inside for you to add your own personal words of love.

This card if bought here is $2.00 (shipping included)
If bought in my shop this card is $3.50 plus shipping $1.00
buy now and save $2.50

The second card is my newest design to help celebrate the union of marriage, 2 Rings 1 Heart. This is a great card to help celebrate someones happy years of marriage with 3 rhinestones representing the Past, Future and Present this anniversary card is sure to touch someones heart. The inside of this card is has the words, 'Happy Anniversary'

This card if bought here is $2.75 (shipping included)
If bought in my shop this card is $4.00 plus shipping $1.00
buy now and save $2 .25

When the new designs are ready and available to you these will be moved to the side bar and will no longer be offered here at Crafted by Hand but only at Handcrafted by LaMar or on Etsy.com
at regular price plus shipping. The Buy Now button on the side bar is where and how you pay for your card. Just enter your email address, price of card (as stated here) and the cardd name (card name is in bold face) and click submit.
*If there are any problems with service leave a comment and I will correct the problem ASAP!


This is a great opportunity to get your hands on the newest and greatest quality handcrafted cards before anyone else and for much less!

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